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Creativity, Innovation, And The Power of Improv
Where The Best Ideas Really Come From


“The idea of improvisation is that we confront ourselves with our own creativity.”

— Brian Alger

It happens in the boardroom, on a conference call, or a conversation in an elevator – those times you need to come up with the right idea with no prep. The ability to think on your feet is key to fulfilling your potential both within your company and in the marketplace. Your ability to improvise is key in having a flexible and innovative mindset when you’re under pressure.

This powerful one-day workshop will develop that ability in you through creative thinking techniques with a special emphasis on improvisational games and team building exercises. In this highly charged, hands-on, entertaining workshop, we’ll reinforce new thinking habits, improve concentration and listening skills, and ultimately build your confidence to react well no matter when or where you need to deliver the goods!

“Improvisation is too good to leave to chance.”

— Paul Simon

Tell Me A Story:
Lead, Compel, Influence Through The Mastery of Storytelling


“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.”

— Robert McKee

Business and political leaders, painters, sculptors and writers have long known that the ability to tell a good story wins the day every time out. But what is this mystical trait and can it be taught? What if you’re not a “natural?” From long experience we know that great storytellers are never born. They learn the fabled narrative techniques of timing, pace, structure and dramatic impact that we’ll teach you in this full-day course.

You’ll learn:

  • How to turn any collection of facts and data into your own dynamic story
  • Structure — the seven components of all stories and why they work
  • The power of identification — why weaving facts with vivid, experiential detail increases retention
  • Stories as persuasion — how to lead a group to a natural, logical conclusion without straining
  • Using your voice and body language to tell a story
  • The short story — how to be more effective in meetings
  • Humor — when and how to use it in a story
  • The Big Finish — how to build and hold your audience to a dramatic conclusion

“If you tell me, it’s an essay. If you show me, it’s a story.”

— Barbara Greene

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