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The Art of the Pitch


“Whoever most vividly characterizes a situation determines how others see it, talk about it and make decisions about it.”

— Kare Anderson

Creating a winning pitch is more than coming up with great ideas— it’s the art of delivering one compelling message: Our work meets your needs. The trick is to know what they need and deliver those solutions clearly, concisely, and credibly. At Parkhurst, we make sure your team or solo pitch sets the groundwork for a great client relationship that seals the deal with a delivery that sells. Our three ways to win:

Pitching A-Z: From Concept To Contract

We’re with you from the first collaboration of an idea to the signing of the deal. We’ll help you write, edit, and structure your ideas so the content is concise and convincing. We’ll guide you in designing and choosing the right visuals and how to use them effectively. And, we’ll coach you through the important opening and the crucial closing to ensure that your ideas are heard and delivered well. Our work includes both individual and group coaching, and is customized to your team.

Crafting the Pitch: Strategies for Writing A Great Pitch

We’ll give you the best practices for assessing your client and their motivators. Then we’ll help you position your ideas into a concisely written format that reflects a thorough knowledge of their business. Next, we’ll guide you in selecting the what, when, and how of using supporting materials such as visuals aids, samples, and PowerPoint so your pitch at delivery is an artfully crafted work of momentum and persuasion.

Individual Coaching

Individual sessions are highly customized to focus on all the elements of pitch creation for you and your team as per your needs. For senior team members, we place a special emphasis on closing the pitch and making sure you’ll lead a team that presents a cohesive and consistent message that seals the deal.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

— Aristotle

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